Sata takes his hair witchcraft to Kafulafuta

Sata takes his hair witchcraft to Kafulafuta

President Michael Sata took his hair comedy to Kafulafuta where he castigated PF candidate for the July 25 parliamentary by-election James Chishiba for cutting his hair too low, according to Zambia Reports.

Sata whose phobia is becoming a public fixture said he wondered how the parliamentary candidate would be able to look after his constituents when he was failing to look after his hair.

sata-1Sata is believed to be engaging in black magic which is the alleged source for his phobia for people without hair and traditionally prefer bald head cuts. As a result of his involvement in the mystic world, the Head of State freaks out at the sight of anyone with a bald head.

Majority of State House staff have been forced to maintain reasonable amount of hair and those to ensure the face a peaceful atmosphere when working around Sata while those that have failed to keep up are redeployed.

Sata also said Chishiba would regret joining PF if he did not meet the ruling party’s expectations.

And Sata stopped Chishiba from kneeling for votes saying the people knew what they wanted and warned him that he failed to deliver a Member of Parliament he would end up like Willie Nsanda who was no longer MP after being overlooked for the Chimwemwe seat in 2011 for failure to perform.

Nsanda who was in the delegation kept his head drooped as Sata droned on about issues on the spur of the moment.

Zambia Reports

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