Sata tells climate change conference delegates that whiskey pollutes environment

President Michael Sata has told international delegates and other president that whiskey pollutes the environment.

Sata who is attending the Rio+20 world conference on climate change and sustainable development in Rio, Brazil was speaking Wednesday evening when he was given a chance to speak to a smaller group of delegates on the side-lines of the main conference.

The meeting on the side-lines was dubbed ‘Beyond GDP’ and organised by the head of the United Nations Development Programme Helen Clark.

During his remarks, Sata invited the delegates to travel to Zambia next year  to attend the United Nations World Tourism Conference which will be co-hosted by Zimbabwe .

“Come to Zambia and see what we have. We will waive some visa requirements and give you a visa on arrival.

“We have enough water for everyone, including the Greeks and Italians. We have wild animals and there is a lot more to see. The only thing we do not have in abundance is whiskey and that is because whiskey pollutes the environment,” he said.

Earlier, sata said Zambia’s unemployment problem is a direct result of the poor management of the country’s natural resources.

HE also said Africa will never develop using hand-outs but on technology transfer from developed and some developing countries.

Sata went on to talk about the same thing which everybody has talked about before but could not say how his government will develop Zambia’s vast natural resources.

He said it is sad that a country like Zambia, which is endowed with natural resources, including minerals, water bodies and wildlife, is still suffering from acute unemployment.

“Zambia has only 13 million people, which is the population of some of the cities in the world. But out of those 13 million, it is most unfortunate that a lot of people are unemployed and God will never forgive us for that.

“This is so because we have not managed and used our natural resources the way we are supposed to use them, for the benefit of our people,” he said.

President Sata said the well-being of people in general depends largely on how well their countries manage natural resources.

He said Zambia has to move fast in promoting sustainable management of its natural resources for the benefit of its citizens.

On technology transfer, the President said this is part of the key to reducing poverty and taking care of the environment across the world.

Sata said Africa does not need aid, in the absence of technology transfer which is known to spur development.

“You can keep your money; just give us technology because that is what we need to sustain ourselves. No country has ever developed by begging. That is not sustainable. Africa has been begging for a long time and it is time to make a real difference through technology transfer,” he told an applauding audience of delegates.

He said global technology transfer would help a great deal in making the world a better place to live in.

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