Sata tells Mpika council to construct shelter at cemetary

Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata has called upon Mpika district council to urgently construct a shelter for viewing the dead and also to construct modern pit latrines at Yowani Cemetery in Mpika’s TAZARA Township.

Speaking during the burial of Mary Gondwe, 46 in Mpika this morning, Sata suggested that the local authority should construct a shortcut road to Yowani cemetery because the current one is too long.

The deceased was the immediate younger sister to Ogon Gondwe, Sata’s personal driver.

Sata and his entourage were returning from Kasama where they had gone to witness the filing in of nomination papers for the Kasama Central Parliamentary by-election set for October 15. PF/UPND pact is fielding Geoffrey Mwamba.

Sata observed that since last year’s constituency development fund (CDF) and the current one has not been used in Mpika central, part of it should go towards the construction of a shortcut road to Yowani cemetery.

Sata who summoned the acting council secretary, Hurry Twenda to the cemetery said since most Churches in the area were situated in one place it would be necessary to construct a shortcut route as an alternative to the current one which he said was too long.

“We have over five Churches centrally built in one place why can’t the council construct a shortcut road and put up a bridge across the Kabale stream instead of using the Mpika/TAZARA stretch through section E an then Shangai to the cemetery. This route is rather too long and time consuming,” stated Sata.

The PF President said there was need for the local authority and area MP to assist residents in the Township to build a shelter at the cemetery where body viewing could be done.

He said the dead require dignified burial hence the need to put up a decent structure where body viewing could be conducted because placing coffins on bare ground and in the sun was impolite to the departed.

He noted that although burial does not take long, the local authority should consider erecting four modern pit latrines at the graveyard for public convenience.

Sata said it pained him to note that most local authorities if not all in the country never thought of erecting toilets at burial sites where mourners could go and answer the call of nature.

“We need to plan for any possible occurrence because diarrhea does not warn when to strike, hence the need to construct toilets at cemeteries,” Sata said.

Sata who had attended a requiem service at the Mpika Methodist Episcopal Church, appealed to area member of parliament (Mwansa Kapeya) and the local authority to donate some pockets of cement to enable the congregation to work on the floor.

The floor inside the church building has a lot of pot holes.

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