Sata tells ZICTA to close Watchdog or face his wrath

President Michael Sata has told the Zambia Information and Information Technology (ZICTA) to close down this website.

When Sata swore in Attorney-General Mumba Malila in November,  he instructed him to take an inventory of  Internet newspapers in Zambia. He ordered him to make sure that they are registered and those not registered are closed down.

Acting on the presidential decree, ZICTA embarked on a mission to trace where the Watchdog is located.

In Early December, ZICTA wrote a letter to president Sata informing him that they have failed to act on his instruction because the Watchdog website is outside Zambia’s jurisdiction.

ZICTA told Sata that they have no capacity to bring down or close the website which is not in Zambia.

After reading the letter, Sata summoned ZICTA top directors to State House. Sources at State House said Sata told them that if they fail to close down the website, they he will fire them.

He asked them what ZICTA has achieved in its entire existance.

During the Rupiah Banda government, ZICTA was given similar instructions by the Zambia police but failed to trace the domicile of the Watchdog.

A ZICTA official went to court and gave false information that the website is hosted in USA.

The Zambia Watchdog has no single owner but several whistle-blowers post information on the site.


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