Sata tells ZNBC to lie that he has been in UK

President Michael Sata may cut short his medical trip and return to Lusaka next weekend.  And ZNBC will this evening broadcast lies that Sata is wooing investors in UK.

Sata flew to New Delhi in India last weekend from Addis Abbaba. On Monday, he underwent a surgery called Colostomy.

But sources at ZNBC have disclosed that today both Sata and George Chellah phoned ZNBC  to repeat the same lie that he is in UK trying to woe investors. Sata and his mouthpiece George Chellah commanded ZNBC to air the lie that they are in UK.

Security sources also told the Watchdog that, the fact that ZWD kept the nation informed of where Sata has been irked the head of state such that he decided to cut short his stay in India and try to show that he has been in UK.

Sources say Sata’s surgery in India was just for one day so he may have been forced to fly to London from India.

According to Sources, Sata and his entourage flew to UK today and will, starting tomorrow, try to pose for photos showing that he is in UK.

The question is, why he has not been showing such photos from the time he left on Saturday?

The Times of Zambia reported on Sunday that Sata left Addis Ababa on Saturday using his presidential chopper to some unnamed destination.

Sata’s presidential challenger along with all planes from Zambia is not allowed to fly to Europe. So where was he heading to?

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