Sata thanks China

President Michael Sata has thanked China for  what he called developmental contributions it has made to Zambia.

Sata said this when he  Chinese president  Xi Jinping in Sanya City in China today (saturday).

Sata said the Chinese have contributed a lot to infrastructural development citing the example of Chinese nationals doing engineering works in Zambia.

And Chinese President, Xi Jinping, said that China is ready to strengthen its relations with Zambia and noted that his country was happy when President Sata sent first Republican President, Kenneth Kaunda, as envoy to convey a message that President Sata is willing to work with his country in 2011.

The Chinese leader and Sata also witnessed the signing of six bilateral agreements between Zambia and China on financial and cultural support but these were of course drawn by China and what they really contain will never be known.

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