Sata thanks Chinsali through ‘voice Mail’

President Michael Sata, rarely seen in public and often speaking through other people,  has thanked the people of Chinsali district for voting for the Patriotic Front (PF) in last year’s tripartite elections.

Sata says he wishes the people of Chinsali district God’s blessings as they continue to support the government of the day in fulfilling its campaign promises.

Sata  said this on Sunday in a message read on his behalf by Chinsali Member of Parliament (MP) Christopher Mulenga during the Muchinga Province United Church of Zambia (UCZ) conference at Mweye village in Chinsali district.

Through Mulenga, Sata also said government will continue to work with the church because it plays an important role in addressing the social and economic challenges which many Zambians are facing.

He claimed that the outright victory which the PF recorded in Muchinga province in last year’s elections was a clear testimony of the people’s wish towards embracing vibrant economic policies which the party promised during the campaigns.

Christopher Mulenga is also Deputy Minister of Health.

President Sata rarely appears in public except when he is posing for photos at airports but even in such organised parades does not speak to journalists.

From the time he was elected president a year ago, Sata has never held a press conferece to enable journalists ask him questions.

Instead announcements are made from State House and other places on his behalf thereby earning a reputation  as the president who is ruling the country through ‘voice mail.’


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