Sata thanks Kapiri for rigged votes, says nothing on Lukulu

President Michael Sata has thanked the people of Kapiri Mposhi for voting for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Eddie Musonda in the just-ended parliamentary by-election.

Sata also thanked Zambians for what he called ‘showing confidence’ and support in his leadership after the ruling party scooped all the 14 local government by-elections countrywide.

But Sata had nothing to say on the Lukulu by-election which his government and party failed to rig which the UPND won with a landslide margin. In fact Sata did  not even mention Lukulu in a  statement by his Spokesperson George Chellah.

Sata said: “our recent victories in districts such as Kaoma, Chavuma, Chasefu, Petauke, Msanzala and many other places; underscores our rapid grassroots progression as a party in various regions nationwide. This result further indicates a definite endorsement for our social and economic development agenda,” President Sata said.

“It also strengthens our Government’s commitment and dedication to dispense development to all parts of the country. We remain focussed in our quest to execute pro-poor programmes in line with the PF manifesto, which will culminate into rapid economic expansion, job creation and poverty reduction.”

In a clear case of vote of no confidence in the ruling party, the people of Lukulu and Kapiri Mposhi massively voted for the opposition UPND in the just ended by-elections.

PF had to use the ballot paper booklets they stole before election dates to rig the Kapiri Mposhi by-election in the Lukanga swamps fishing areas where the opposition UPND were heavily incapacitated with the bad terrain that needed canoes and boats to reach.


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