Sata threatens violence, reported to police

Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata has been reported to the police by MMD North Western Province Chairperson, Pinnakin Patel for threatening violence.

Mr. Patel has told ZNBC that Mr. Sata called him on his mobile phone warning that he will sort him out.

Mr Patel says Mr Sata has warned him to stop issuing comments about the Patriotic Front failures.

He says Mr. Sata issued the threats following his statement that the opposition PF does not exist in Solwezi.

Mr. Patel has since vowed that he will not be threatened by Mr Sata and maintains that the opposition PF is not a factor in North Western.

Mr Sata was recently in North western province for his political campaigns.

And North Western Province Commanding Officer, Charles Lungu has confirmed receiving a complaint from Mr Patel over Mr Sata’s treats on his life.

Mr Lungu told ZNBC that Mr Patel however does not want the matter to go to court but only reported it to police for the record.

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