Sata threatens North-Westerners over his nepotism and tribalism

President Michael Sata has threatened to deal with the people of North-western province for demanding to be represented in government.

Sata, through a statement by his spokesperson George Chellah, said the law will be fully applied to people planning to revolt against his government.

Sata was reacting to demands by chiefs from North-western province who have petitioned him to include their people in government and other public positions.

Chiefs in North-western province met in Kabombo a few days ago and unanimously agreed that the PF government is tribal and has side-lined the people of North-western province.

The chiefs noted that in Sata’s cabinet, there is no person who hails from North-western province. They also noted that even in the diplomatic services, there is no one from that region as those who were there have been fired by Sata.

The chiefs were particularly upset that Sata has appointed people from other regions to run North-western province.

PF government minister for Chiefs affairs Inonge Wina was presented the petition by chiefs.

The chiefs are demanding three cardinal issues. The first one is that Sata must appoint to cabinet and other public positions people from North-western. The second demand is that he must allow indigenous people to run the province instead of importing other tribes.

The chiefs also demanded that jobs in the mines must be given to local people before considering people from elsewhere.

But this has annoyed Sata who has described it as a revolt against his government.

He said that there are politicians who are inciting the chiefs to revolt against what he called his elected government.

He said that even though some parts of the country did not vote for him, he has jurisdiction over them.

He ordered security wings to deal with anyone inciting chiefs in the province.

Sata said the demands by the chiefs are treasonable.

“My government was elected with a clear mandate to steer the affairs of state for the next five years and those with grievances have an option to seek legal recourse but not to mobilise any section of society into a revolt or any other subversive activities. This borders on treasonable acts and the law will take its course,”  said Sata.

“Whilst acknowledging that some regions of the country did not vote for us and that does not mean we have no jurisdiction over those areas. And that does not mean we are sidelining any region. We are doing our very best to allocate resources and appointments equitably,” he said.

On Monday, indigenous people of North-western physically fought with PF cadres whom they accused of trying to remove local people from public offices and mining positions.

The indigenous people complained that PF cadres want the local people to be removed from their positions in government and parastatals with the view of replacing them with tribes from outside the province.

Group secretary Gibson Kanshamba said the people have been provoked by PF cadres who he said have continued to harass locals in government offices and the mines.

During the fight with PF cadres, the indigenous people were heard saying that they are the only province that has ever staged a rebellion in the history of Zambia.

The other four presidents who have ruled Zambia before were very sensitive in the way they allocated ministerial positions by spreading them across tribes.

Sata is on record saying that he does not balance tribes.


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