Sata threatens to dissolve parliament if relative Justice Chibesakunda is not ratified

President Michael Sata has threatened to dissolve parliament if his relative  Justice Lombe Chibesakunda is no ratified as Chief Justice.

Sources within the PF government said Sata, who arrived this morning from UK and India for cancer and heart treatment, is very annoyed with news that  parliament is determined not to ratify Justice Chibesakunda who was recommended by DPP Mutembo Nchito.

According to senior sources within government, Mr. Sata this morning upon arrival from wherever he was, phoned Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini, threatening to dissolve parliament if he does not convince Members of Parliament to ratify the president’s relative.

In panic, sources said the speaker is now personally trying to get in touch with selected opposition MPs and convince them to ratify Chibesakunda.

Many stakeholders such as Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) have all opposed the appointment of Justice Lombe Chibesakunda because she is already above the retirement age as prescribed but the republican constitution.

Sources said the president has been reading stories on the Watchdog wherever he was and saw the revelation that speaker Matibini is also believed to be concerned with constitutional issues that may arise with the ratification Justice Chibesakunda as Chief Justice.

“But it is like the president is seriously under pressure from the same clique that has hijacked his government and holding him hostage to make sure that a user friendly Chief Justice is installed,” sources said.

Government needs a two-third majority vote in parliament to ratify a Chief Justice, the number which the PF does not have in parliament even with some MMD MPs serving in government.

Another source said the clique that is holding the President Sata hostage is also trying to implement another plan which may see the Supreme court nullify as many seats as possible that are before it so as to enable PF gain the required two-thirds parliamentary majority that will also be used for rubber-stamping the constitution.

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