Sata to ‘address’ the nation

Sata to ‘address’ the nation

President Michael Sata is Monday 24th December expected to appear in public again after a long time as he has found an opportunity to issue government policies and directives.

According to government mouth-piece, Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS), the president will address the nation at a ceremony he will be giving jobs to those he likes during the swearing-in ceremony.

It is not clear who the lucky employees will be this time, but Mr. Sata takes swearing-in ceremonies so serious because that is the only opportunity he addresses various national issues.

There might be more districts to be created and give jobs to PF cadres at district levels such as District Commissioners and assistants.

The president has so far only been issuing directives through his ‘voice mail’ George Chellar.

But as usual there will be no opportunity for anyone to ask the president on any other issues affecting the nation.

Mr. Sata is so far probably the only president in the world who never holds press conferences or gives an opportunity to journalists to ask him.

It is not clear whether the president will address issues of mealie meal and fuel shortages, lack of in-puts for farmers, squabbling among his senior party members and others.

Coincidentally, tomorrow morning is also the day PF cadres are expected to hound-out Foreign Affairs minister Given Lubinda from his office without a police permit.

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