Sata to appoint Sangwa, Kapumpa State Counsels tomorrow without following procedure of course

President Sata is tomorrow (Friday May 10, 2013) expected to swear in Mumba Kapumpa, John Sangwa and Robert Simeza, his personal lawyers as State Counsels without following procedure.

Sata last time swore in dumb lawyer Wynter Kabimba as State Counsel despite Kabimba being known as a weak lawyer.

The Watchdog has been told that normal procedure follows that one must apply to the office of the Attorney General and his name is then circulated to LAZ and Judges who must approve such individuals as fit to hold such esteemed titles.

But in his thuggish and dictatorial manner, Sata has circumvented this procedure as he just sent a circular to LAZ through cabinet office telling LAZ that he will be swearing in the above individuals on Friday.

LAZ has been thrown into full panic mode and last evening held a meeting to discuss Sata’ s circular.

‘Mumba Kapumpa a very senior lawyer has applied in the past but as for our two friends above, God knows where Sata is getting the mandate or procedure to appoint them illegally, said a source.

‘This is the same fraudulent procedure that he used when swearing in Kabimba as no judges or fellow senior lawyers would ever approve the likes of Kabimba…’

Sources says LAZ president James Banda is up in arms with this abuse by State House but it would appear his hands are tied to a lesser extent as he used to work for Simeza Sangwa and Associates.

But sources say he however remains totally against this imposition by state house so as to appease friends of Sata.

A State Counsel’s meeting held at the LAZ secretariat yesterday evening is said to have resolved to refuse to recognize the appointments.

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