Sata to arrest HH if he wins elections as he seeks alliance with Milupi

Sata and Hichilema

The Patriotic Front (PF) will arrest United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema for corruption and other offences over the role he played in the privatisation of state institutions, the Watchdog has learnt.
PF senior members told the Watchdog Monday that Michael Sata has indicated that he will arrest Hichilema for corruption and other crimes committed during the privatisation of mines.
The source revealed that this has been necessitated by Hichilema’s campaign messages where Sata is accused of promising some named donors to enact laws supporting homosexuality.

In the picture, Sata and Hichilema had a pact but never looked each other in the eye.

Hichilema has also been telling Zambians that Sata is too old and tired to run the country. He says Sata was in government before and is unfit to be president as he has no economic skills.
“In one of the meetings we had in Mongu during the campaigns with Ba Sata, he indicated that Umwaice must be probed when we form government, we must find out the role he played in the privatisation of the state owned institutions and his benefits,” the source said.
The source said there are so many promises Sata has made to both local and foreign supporters especially those that are not in support of the current government with regards to the constitutional making process.
“The issue of probing President Rupiah Banda will not only end with him and Chiluba, the UPND president Hichilema is also another victim, this young man will not survive because Mr. Sata has expressed his bitterness against him, he feels that HH is the one who killed the pact, hence his massages denouncing Sata and the PF, and that is why Sata has indicated that if the PF formed government they will arrest HH over the role he played in the sale of RAMCOZ in Luanshya,” the
source said.
The source said that Sata and other senior PF officials among them Wynter Kabimba have just realised that it will be difficult to win the 2011 election without an alliance despite massive media coverage from The Post.
“The issue now is to seek the support of Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) president Charles Milupi to help Sata win in Western province; the collapse of the pact has impacted negatively on Mr. Sata because under the pact Sata had a clear win if he was chosen to lead it and he feels betrayed by UPND leader Hichilema. That is why wherever Sata goes he says that the pact is still on,” said the source.


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