Sata to arrest RB’s campaign managers

The Government Joint Investigations Team is seeking to interview and arrest former MMD campaign team managers Dr. Boniface Kawimbe and Dr. Martin Mtonga.

According to a police source, Dr. kawimbe is being sought for the role he played as former Republic President Rupiah Banda’s campaign manager and Dr. Mtonga is being sought for the role he played as MMD campaign centre Director.

The source said in his usual dictatorship President Sata has instructed that the call outs for the two be taken to MMD President Nevers Mumba’s house.
The source said this was pure victimisation because the security wings know exactly were to find the two.

The source said Dr. Kawimbe is actually in government employment because he is currently lecturing at Copperbelt University school of Medicine based at Ndola Central Hospital.

The police officer further says Dr. Mtonga is normally found with Ridah Mung’omba husband to Marble Mung’omba who is young sister to Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo.

“The President just wants to victimise his opponents. He knows where to find these two. One of them Dr. Kawimbe is actually under his employment. As for Dr. Mtonga, he is around.

He is a personal friend to Ridah Mung’omba actually he worked there before.

He was even at the funeral of former President RB’s brother in-law funeral”, the source said.

The source said the team attempted to serve the call-outs on Dr. Mumba yesterday but because of the Football fever they couldn’t and are expected to serve them today.

The source says they may have problems to successfully prosecute the two because investigations have revealed that no government money was spent on campaign materials but that it came from well-wishers and the Electoral Act does not compel anyone to disclose the names of well-wishers.

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