Sata likely to be paraded in Chongwe during Easter holidays

PRESIDENT Michael Sata will for the first time probably appear in public in many months as his handlers have decided to parade him before the people of Chongwe district during the celebrations of the Good Friday  tomorrow or  Sunday

Mr Sata has been an absent and basically described as a portrait president as he has been avoiding public appearances since he was booed and shouted at by angry unemployed youths whom he had promised more jobs and more money in their pockets during his campaigns at the last Agriculture and Commercial Show at the Showgrounds arena.

Mr Sata’s absence from the public has also fueled hot speculations that the man’s health has been failing and that medical advice has been that he should minimize on his duty hours.

State House sources have revealed that Mr Sata would on Friday be transported to Chongwe where he would be paraded so as to temporarily defuse speculations that the man has been bed-ridden and was not capable of running the affairs of the country.

Mr Sata’s handlers have chosen Chongwe so as to give an impression that the President was in sound health and that those wishing him ill health were only bitter souls who have never accepted his victory.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that President Sata is also expected to inspect the construction of some roads either in Chongwe or some places outside Lusaka.

“We are starting to expose him to the public on Friday and we are taking him to Chongwe where he will be paraded during the Easter Sunday celebrations. He will also be taken to some places either within Chongwe or outside Lusaka to inspect the construction of some roads. You know the president has been confined to State House for a long time and he has been avoiding public appearances partly because of his failing health. Now his handlers have allowed him to venture out so that people can see him because of the rumours that have been doing the rounds about his health,’ the source said.

Mr Sata is the first president Zambia has ever had who has never seen the need to address a press conference or allowed journalists to ask him questions during some of his many swearing-in ceremonies.

The only time Mr Sata has ever attempted to address the nation has been during his opening of Parliament but even then, the President had pathetically failed to discuss issues as he had instead turned the House into comical and embarrassing debacle that saw the head of state make some of the worst acidic and sickening jokes.

Mr Sata is believed to be a man in captivity by a cartel of some kleptomaniacs and barbaric crooks.

The cartel is said to have been running the country because they have turned President Sata into a dummy that is only used to announce policy decisions some of which have never been discussed by cabinet.

Mr Sata who has never called for a press conference has been using swearing-in ceremonies to either attack United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema, Nevers Mumba of the MMD and former president Rupiah Banda all of whom are now victims of hatred, vengeance and retribution by the PF regime.

President Sata has also used the swearing-in ceremonies to attack diplomats accredited to Zambia where at one time, he told them to stop visiting him at State House while the other time he turned round that they should be going to see him and stop consulting the opposition political parties on the governance of the country.

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