Sata to blame for national division

  • By Innocent Shawa

    It’s sad to note that the country under our president Michael SATA is now at the verge of Division; Having the Barotse land in shambles, and now the Bemba land following suit. Most likely other tribal lines to be defined soon.

    I charge our excellence to sit down and review his leadership. Because any one with eyes should see that Zambia is slowly sliding off its peaceful stool, &anything regarding genocide is not far.

    Here are my 5 Pieces of Advice to Mr SATA;

    1. Diplomacy and Conduct

    We know you are our president. There is nothing for you to prove so that people feel your weight. Behave like a president.

    2. Constitution

    This country is governed by the ‘Rule of Law’. Let the law be applied to the citizens equally. And yourself observe the law. And give Zambians the new constitution without manipulating it.

    3. Avoid a double standard Life

    In English they say ‘Walk the Talk’. I suspect GBM’s frustration came about after using and eating his money then over looked for Wynter who has probably also been used for a lot secrets. Bembas used and dumped on pretence being Bemba when are Bisa. Further joining Barotse council membership and dumping them. For a common person they can call him a crook. Avoid this type of life.

    4. Listen

    Mr Wynter and Mr Mmembe are not the only Advisors you can rely on. Listen to Church leaders, listen to our Civil Society Organisations. Listen to every one. By the time you will realise you discover Mr Wynter and Mr Mmembe are your greatest enemies because they are also using you the way you use others.

    5. Humble yourself before God

    This country belongs to God, your life belongs to God, the  tou govern belong to God. Respect God by embracing all these.

    Wish you well Mr president. May God bless Zambia.

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