Sata may dissolve Cabinet soon

President Michael Sata is likely to dissolve his Bemba dominated cabinet upon arrival from United States.

Sata was at the UN General Assembly where he was basically applauding and clapping for fellow dictator Zimbabwean President Robbert Mugabe who as usual insulted the United States, UK and other Western countries leading to the American, UK, and EU delegates to walk-out of the conference hall as Mugabe was addressing.

But back home, it is basically a tribal war zone in the ruling PF senior members that has now been fully fuel by Fred Mmembe’s Post Newspaper.

Highly placed sources say Mr. Sata is likely to drop key ministers that have been bickering in his absence and possibly reconstitute another cabinet that will have a national character . The current cabinet has no one from North-Western and 90 percent are from his Bemba ethinic region.

“Going by the information we have, the president can even mistakenly dissolve parliament, as he thinks the Cabinet and Parliament are the same thing that can just be reconstituted through appointments not knowing that by dissolving parliament, even himself will be dissolved and fresh elections called that would require huge sums of money”, sources said.

At the UN, his praise singers at The Post newspaper report that Sata on Thursday congratulated his Zimbabwean counterpart Robert Mugabe after the latter castigated the United States and Britain over “illegal and iniquitous sanctions” imposed on that country.

And President Mugabe caused a walkout from the UN General Assembly by American delegates after he rebuked the two countries for rejecting his victory in the July 31st elections, telling them “shame on you.”

President Sata commended President Mugabe during his speech and later walked over to him and exchanged greetings before congratulating him for a firm message to the 68th General Assembly.
“Congratulations sekulu; that was a good message. Well done,” President Sata was heard saying as the two Presidents exchanged inaudible jokes before taking their seats.

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