Sata to grab Millennium Village, Libyan general manager already deported secretely

Sata to grab Millennium Village, Libyan general manager already deported secretely


Part of the villas

President Michael Sata and his son Mulenga have launched a bid to take over  Millennium Village. The complex was constructed by  and is owned by Libyans.

The general manager for the Housing complex in Longacres has already been deported to facilitate the takeover of the business by the presidenT and his son who is also deputy mayor for Lusaka.

Before his father became president, Mulenga Sata was selling dogs for his livelihood but now he is one of the biggest land owners in Lusaka.

Fayed El Taweer, the general manager for the Millennium village was deported on March 11, 2013. Taweer was not even aware of anything happening until the fateful day when he was phoned and told to go to the immigration department at Kent Building.

According to immigration sources, he was told that there was a problem on his permit. Once there his passport and phone were grabbed to prevent him from contacting his family and the Libyan embassy.

Without any explanation, he was bundled into a waiting car, driven to Ndola straight away and deported on a Kenya Airways flight.

His wife who was worried to the point of getting sick only found out after when her husband phoned her from Nairobi, Kenya.

The Libyan embassy in Zambia had to pay for the wife and children’s tickets to go and join him.

But this is all part of the plunder by President Michael Sata, his family and the cartel of business associates.

villas 2

One of the main gates to the villas

This time they want to use the United Nations to grab the 51 villas and empty land valued at over USD20 million.

Sata, his family and cartel are trying to get the assets under the pretext that the United Nations authorised the freezing of assets belonging to former Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi.

During the UN efforts to remove Gaddafi from power in 2011, the UN authorised countries around the world to freeze assets belonging to Gaddafi in an n effort to force him to step down.

But there was procedure which countries like Canada, Uganda, Britain and USA followed. When such assets were frozen, they were forfeited to those states not individuals like the president or his family.

But president Sata is in the process of acquiring the Libyan property for his family and friends using the UN resolution.

The Millennium Villas in Lusaka were constructed by the Libyan government ahead of the Organisation of African Unity (now African Union) su

The Millennium Village Complex is located in the heart of Lusaka. It is Nestled  within beautiful landscaped surroundings opposite the Hotel InterContinental.



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