Sata to grace Mutomboko

President, Michael Sata, is expected in Kawambwa district to grace this year’s Mutomboko traditional ceremony
of the Lunda-speaking people.

Luapula Province Minister, Brig Gen Benson Kapaya, confirmed to ZANIS in Mansa that President Sata will be guest of honour at the Mutomboko annual traditional ceremony to be held at Mwansabombwe.

Brig Gen Kapaya said it was important for all the officers charged with certain roles in the preparations for the ceremony to put their minds to it because the Head of State has indicated that he was coming to grace the ceremony.

“You can get it from me as your provincial minister that it is the president himself who is coming to grace the ceremony this year,” he said.

And Mines, Energy and Water development Deputy Minister Richard Musukwa who was in Mansa on a tour of some mines in the province also confirmed that   the Head of State would grace the Mutomboko traditional ceremony.

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