Sata to make more promises in parliament today

President Michael Sata today opens the National Assembly for the second time since he became leader of Zambia after a successful campaign and election last September.

Although he has successfully failed to fulfil his 90 days promises, the State owned and PF controlled Zambia Daily Mail claims President Sata is expected to make major social, economic and political pronouncements ranging from how the mineral resources of the country shall be managed to job creation, agriculture and the fight against corruption.

‘The President, who came to office on the promise of creating jobs and reducing poverty as an exuberant grass roots leader, has thus far reduced taxes for banks and Pay As You Earn, including capturing more people in the thresh hold that do not pay income tax., so goes  the PF song while poverty and borken promises  are visible on the road to parliament.

Zambians are highly expectant of the President’s pronouncements as he will use this speech to set out policy legislative priorities for the coming year and set the tone for next year’s budget, according to the Daily Mail.

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