Sata to peep in cameras again today

After failing to grace Youth Day due to poor health, president Michael Sata is today (Wednesday) morning expected to be seen peeping in cameras at State House.

Sata is expected to receive credentials from diplomats from foreign countries.

Sata has now been restricted to State House as he fails to attend events outside State House especially those that involve walking or standing for sometime.

He has now developed a habit of holding frequent functions at State House especially swearing-in members of the opposition as a way to be seen in public.

The last time Sata was forced out State House was to attend a mass funeral of Chibomba road accident victims.

Last week he missed the commemoration of women’s day despite heavy announcements by government and allied newspapers that he would be marching with women.

On Tuesday he also failed to attend youth day celebrations.

While president Sata has been shunning these ‘important’ national events, the ruling party leaders and allied parties like that of Cosmo Mumba and Edith Nawakwi have been condemning other opposition political parties that have equally shunned these days.

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