Sata to reject Chinese built Heroes ‘disaster’ stadium

The Chinese government is expected to handover the newly built Heroes ‘disaster’ stadium next month but ailing dictator Michael Sata is expected to reject it and thereafter roast sports minister Chishimba Kambwili for the poor roofing materials and non availability of the report of a tour to china over the same roof.

Earlier last year government questioned the quality of the stadium’s roofing system and sent a delegation led by former sports deputy minister Stephen Masumba to China to assess the quality but to date there has been no report while sports minister Chishimba Kambwili says the official handover will be done next month.

Kambwili said he was waiting for Sata to give him the day when he is going to be free so that he can receive the stadium but state house sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that Sata will grill Kambwili over the roof and the report, then reject the stadium, like he did in Mongu during the ground breaking ceremony.

“There was a huge expense on that trip to China by Masumba and the President is disappointed that there is no report, so he will give them a shocker when they invite him during the handover, that is why he calls these ministers ifipuba ‘idiots’, (in apparent reference to Sata’s rebuke of transport minister Yamfwa Mukanga), really they are idiots and they must be ready for him,” said the source.

Kambwili has shifted the blame on the works ministry, also under Mukanga and if Sata breathes fire on the two bulging ministers on this day, Mukanga will have Kambwili as a twin idiot (as described by Sata himself!).



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