Sata to swear-in another relative as ambassador to USA

Dictator Michael Sata is expected to swear-in his relative Palan Mulonda as ambassador to the United States.
Mulonda is the out-going director for the Zambia Institute for Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE).

This position has already being advertised as vacant as Mulonda has already resigned to take up his appointment in the family forest regime.

Palan Mulonda’s sister is already Sata’s ambassador to Geneva, Switzerland.

The Mulondas are related to Sata through marriage to the Bob Sichinga family.

One of Palan Mulonda’ sisters is the mother of Chimwemwe, Sata’s son in law. Chimwemwe’s father is Bob Sichinga, the commerce minister in the family forest.

Sichinga’ son Chimwemwe is married to Sata’s daughter Chilufya. The mother to Sichinga’ son Chimwemwe is the elder sister to Palan Musonda’ sister who is working as ambassador in Geneva.

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Ben Kangwa is currently acting as Ambassador to USA.

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