Sata orders export of maize to Malawi despite hunger in Zambia

President Michael Sata this afternoon authorized and directed the sale of more than 50,000 metric tonnes of white maize to Malawi against the advise from senior government officials and technocrats in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

And police in Kalulushi Copperbelt this afternoon had to fire-gas against residents who were fighting and almost rooted the few bags of 10 kg mealie meal when they were delivered in the area.

Sources in the PF government have told the Watchdog that Malawian officials arrived in the country over the weekend to beg for some bags of maize from the Zambian government.

Zambian government officials and technocrats objected to the sale because there was not enough maize stock in the country for the Zambian population.

But what the Zambian government officials did not know is the Mr. Sata had already concluded the deal with Malawian president Joyce Banda.

When the Zambian government officials refused, the Malawian delegation called their president who also called Mr. Sata to remind him about the deal.

President Sata then called the Zambian delegation and ordered them to allow the Malawian government purchase the maize.

The Malawian delegation is currently at Pamodzi Hotel where the negations were taking place.

Recently, the Watchdog reported that the Zambian government through The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) signed a contract with the Tanzania National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) to supply 20, 000 metric tonnes of white maize valued at US$7million to Tanzania.

See the detailed story here.

There have so far been long queues of mealie meal in various parts of the country pushing the prices of the commodity high.

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