Sata told to isolate Mmembe clique for making PF unpopular

Sata told to isolate Mmembe clique for making PF unpopular

Senior members of the PF say president Michael Sata is now getting embarrassed with the behavior of the clique that wants to unsurp his powers from him comprising Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito, Wynter Kabimba and Silvia Masebo.

The senior PF leaders that have even nick-named Silvia Masebo as ‘Official Opening of Parliament’ because of her loose moral behavior say the clique’s activities have caused a lot of stress on the president and now wants to slowly distance himself from them because he has finally been briefed about their schemes to replace him soon.

The PF sources even blamed the continued leakages of the sickness of the president to the same clique because they want to create panic among Zambians that is why the president recently confronted the Post newspaper reporter during Easter Holidays and challenged him whether he was dying.

According to the Post newspaper of Sunday 31st March 2013 the President attended Good Friday Mass at St. Ignatius Parish where upon arrival, he called the Post journalist to where he was sitting and jokingly asked if he looked like someone who was dying.

“Mr reporter, bushe ndemoneka nga umuntu uwafwa? (Do I look like a dead person?)” President Sata asked.

He said he was enjoying good health and that it was the reason he went to pray.

President Sata wondered how those who were claiming to be fit spent their Good Friday, and if they took time to be in the house of the Lord.

“Balikwisa abanobe ba Nevers Mumba (where is your friend, Nevers Mumba?) Go and tell them, you have seen me. Bushe umuntu uulefwa amoneka ifi (does a person who is dying look the way I look?)” he asked.

President Sata, who was in a jovial mood during the entire service, told the Post newspaper reporter to inform those who doubted his health that he was well.

The sources said this cartel that comprises mainly unelected people and PF outsiders that has been holding him hostage has created so much division in the elected government that senior people, except Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda, have been afraid to tell him the truth.

“That is why people like GBM (Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba) and others had to call their chiefs from Muchinga province to prevail on him on the difficulties they were facing in running government as a result of this clique that was making PF extremely unpopular to the people,” insiders told the Watchdog.

Sources said what was even worse is that president Sata and the country was now facing isolation from the international community because of the behavior of this group that wants to pursue former president Rupiah Banda, oppress opposition leaders, and limit freedoms for their own personal reasons so that their preferred person Kabimba has no competition.

Insiders said this is the same cartel that has been involved in the deportations of their business partners and competitors, a situation that has created insecurity among the investors and international community.

“Mr brother, other than the Chinese who don’t care about human rights record, Zambia is completely isolated even within neighboring and other African friendly countries and if we don’t change, no Head of State will come to open the International Trade Fair in Ndola and Agriculture Show in Lusaka which have traditionally been graced by foreign presidents,” sources said.

Sources said president Sata has of late been receiving a lot of phone calls from many formerly friendly countries within and outside Africa urging him to sort-out the Mmembe and cartel group that threatens to destroy Zambia’s reputation as a good democratic model in Africa.

“Can you imagine presidents of Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique, Botswana, former Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki, and former USA president Jimmy Carter how they are feeling towards Sata over a small group of people who are not even elected and are outsiders in PF.

Can you imagine the diplomatic implications of that story Mmembe run about the South African government and the insults at their president Jacob Zuma in the editorial? And the Post even cheated that the Zambian government was going to summon the South African High Commissioner in Zambia something that was not even true,” source said.

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