Sata too sick to read speech on labour day

Just like we wrote on Wednesday evening, president Michael appeared in public but failed to read a speech or watch workers receive prizes.

Most people who saw the images of Sata on TV remarked how sick he looked. It appears Sata was only forced to be appear in public so that people can believe that he is still able to walk especially after the Watchdog disclosed that he vomits whatever he eats.

At the labour day celebrations, Sata just went there, touched former dictator Kenneth Kaunda’s bald head and whispered some incomprehensibles, probably insults before ordering that there would be no speeches.

He left just after listening to the national anthem.

Earlier Shamenda had told people who sat close to him that he would read the speech on behalf of Sata but was equally surprised when Sata cancelled everything.

The Watchdog understands that Sata is back in bed.

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