Sata transfers Northern province minister, wants pact with Mambwe and Lungu people

President Michael Sata has with immediate effect transferred Northern Province minister Obvious Chisala to the Ministry of Gender as Deputy Minister replacing Freedom Sikazwe who has been taken to Northern province according to un confirmed reports reaching the Zambian Watchdog. This is part of the collateral damage caused by the resignation from the defence minister portifolio of Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM. According to Intelligence reports President Sata has also instructed Cabinet Office to redeploy the Kasama District Commissioner.

After GBM’s resignation, the PF is expected to lose popularity among the party’s stronghold the Bembaland and the transfer of Sikazwe is aimed at bringing on board the Mambwe, Namwanga and Lungu people. Sikazwe is Mpulungu PF parliamentarian, while most of his tribesmen are MMD MPs.

The intelligence officers in Kasama have also linked Chisala to GBM and his transfer which is more like a demotion is aimed at frustrating him.
“Our officers in Kasama submitted a report that Chisala and his DC were pro GBM but the President’s hands are tied because if he dismisses him, that will be making things worse so the move is to transfer him to a less significant ministry of Gender but that is like a demotion,’ said the impeccable source who also comes from the Bembaland.

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