Sata unable to campaign in Mangango, PF plots to cause chaos and postpone election

Sata unable to campaign in Mangango, PF plots to cause chaos and postpone election

UPND campaigning

UPND campaigning

President Michael Sata is unlikely to go to campaign in the Mangango parliamentary bye-election due to his illness and to save face, the PF has hatched a plan to create chaos though violence to force the ECZ to postpone the election.

Meanwhile, UPND officials who were arrested by PF police for asking PF’s obvious Mwaliteta to stop abusing government resources have been denied bail and will remain in jail.

The Office of the President Special division has informed the PF that their loss maybe worse than the humiliation they suffered in Mkaika and that even if Sata miraculously manages to go to Mkaika, people will be more interested in his health or lack of it.

‘The PF wants to provoke the situation using the thug Mwaliteta so that elections can be postponed like was the case with Livingstone. The fear is that Sata won’t manage to travel for campaigns, which is a huge embarrassment and first time in history. Also if UPND wins, they fear it will have a negative effect on the other upcoming by-elections soon,’ said OP sources.

Other sources on the ground told the Watchdog that:

“It’s hot in Mangango, the Mwaliteta group are finding it hard each and every day, so they are now focusing on vote buying, they are dishing all sorts of goods, some electorates within Mangango are now eating from the PF camp.

‘Mwaliteta who is the PF campaign manager with his group tare really feeling the weight after the chief Mwene Mutondo rejected there candidate, telling them that the PF candidate was a councillor for four years but did nothing for Mangango people even failed to build his own house upto date he has no house or any achievement to point at.

Another source said, ‘it’s very true. The intimidation is rife and Mwaliteta has lost hope. Just dishing out money and food to everyone in Mangango. Even UPND members are doing donchi Kubeba on him, eating his food’.

And to make matter worse, Mwaliteta belongs to the Wynter Kabimba, Inonge Wina group that has been sidelined in the PF. So they just do a donhci kubeba as well.

Meanwhile, the UPND officials who were arrested for reporting Mwaliteta’s abuse of public resources in the campaigns will remain in jail probably until after the by-election.

The officials appeared in court and after pleading not guilty, they were sent back to jail. The PF hopes that by detaining UPND officials, they will cripple the opposition. But unknown to PF, even headmen and ordinary people have joined the campaigns.

The UPND officials were arrested when they went to report abuse of government resources by the PF led by Mwaliteta. Instead, Mwealiteta claimed they stole K500 million from his car.

One wonders what Mwaliteta was doing with that money in a rural area and where he got it.

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