Sata unleashes 500 more criminals on the streets

When people are calling for the release of political prisoners in Western province, President Michael Sata has instead unleashed 500 more rapists, murderers, car thieves and robbers on the streets.

In releasing the selected criminals, Sata said it was part of the commemoration of Zambia’s 49 years of independence.

But the Watchdog has been reliably informed that these killers and robbers are carefully selected and will also be recruited in the PF militia like those released last year.

According to a 2013 Remission of Sentences Order published in Government Gazette number 6241 dated October 22, 2013, President Sata has ordered that the 500 prisoners be released from prison immediately.

This is the third time Sata is releasing convicted criminals from prison from the time he became president.

The levels of crime has been steadily increasing from the time Sata started freeing criminals who went through the due process of the law and were found guilty by competent judges.

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