Sata updates his stupidity in Kasisi

Sata updates his  stupidity in Kasisi

President Michael Sata updated his comics and stupidity when he abandoned the commissioning of the Ngwerere-Kasisi Road accusing officials of being ill prepared for the event.

Either he was overdosed again or he had just another mental seizure because we cannot understand how a normal person can get on plane wasting tax-payers money to go and joke on the tarmac.

And why do they commission roads? Can’t these buffoons just start constructing roads without one of them standing making other stand in the sun and say he is commission? What purpose do these commissionings serve apart from wasting money?

Saturday’s commissioning fell off when  Sata asked to be taken through where there was no tarmac.

Works have already commenced but the PF leader demanded to be taken where there was virgin land catching Works and Supply Minister Yamfwa Mukanga and co unawares.

Sata asked them why works were heading eastwards towards Chaminuka but the shocked officials took it all in quietly until the head of State took a short walk before jumping on his presidential motorcade.

Sata then headed for the Presidential chopper and took off.

President Sata pulled a similar stunt when he refused to commission the Mongu Stadium as there was no shovel.

His usually erratic behaviour in public instills a nervous sense around the officials who cannot predict his activities.



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