Sata upset, India complains as Zambia police agents face arrest in South Africa

Sata upset, India complains as Zambia police agents face arrest in South Africa

South Africa police officers at work

The Indian government has protested to the Zambian government for what it says is breach on international law on the behaviour of the Zambia police who recently went to India to arrest Andrew Banda.

And the South Africa Police (SAPS) is trailing Zambian state agents who entered that country on false pretext of attending to some other business when they are there to try and arrest Henry Banda, the Watchdog has been told.

The Indian government made the formal complaint to President Michael Sata yesterday, May 2, 2012.

President Sata is said to be very upset as he was not briefed on the operation and is fearful that the incidence will affect the two countries’ relations.

Sources at the Zambian embassy have revealed that four state agents travelled to India some two weeks ago but hid their true identities to Indian authorities.

The shushus only revealed their true identities and real mission when they got to the Zambian High Commission in New Delhi.

They said they were there to interview Andrew Banda, the son of Former president Rupiah Banda and deputy High Commissioner there.

Andrew refused to cooperate and told them that there was no need for them to travel undercover to India when they could  have just summoned him and he would have travelled to Zambia.

He told then that he will go back to Zambia and two days later he travelled to Zambia.

But the behaviour of the Zambian government agents has annoyed the Indian government which has described it as contravention of international law and has since written a formal complaint to Zambia.

In a related move, four Zambian government agents are in South Africa to try and   arrest Henry Banda, also son of former president Rupiah Banda.

But the ones in South Africa may be arrested by the South Africa police as latest information indicates that the SAPS are trailing them.

A source in the South African police says South Africa does not tolerate the invasion of its country buy foreign jurisdictions.

According to the source, if the Zambian agents are arrested, they will be charged with spying and entering South Africa under false pretext and attempting to abduct people in South Africa.

The source said South Africa is not a jungle where anyone can just walk in and start investigating, interviewing and arresting people..

The source said if any country, even USA, wants to arrest its citizen in South Africa, they have to do it through SAPS.

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