Sata seeking forgiveness from Chitimukulu

Ailing President Michael Sata plans to make a secret apology to Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba, Henry Sosala Kanyantamanga apparently because of his ailing health which some traditionalists have said may be attributed to his acrimony with the traditional leaders.

Sources close to the Bemba Royal establishment have told the Watchdog that Sata recently sent an emissary to the traditional leader asking for an appointment for him (Chitimukulu) to meet him at State house.  Chitimukulu is however is reported to have  declined, stating that such an appointment can only be fulfilled if Sata reversed his refusal to recognise Chitimukulu.

Sata is reportedly courting the former defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba to be a go-between.

Mwamba and Sata differed after the former resigned from cabinet after being challenged to choose between him (Sata) and the Chitimukulu but of late GBM has been frequenting State house and also attending political rallies addressed by Sata.

The source further said that however GBM and the Chitimukulu still did not trust Sata and suspect that he could still have ill motives against them.

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