Sata wants GBM to resign from PF

President Michael Sata’s envoys to Kasama, Northern province, Miles Sampa and Jean Kapata yesterday forced the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership in the area to maintain their stance that Kasama Central Member of parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) should resign from the constituency.

PF Provincial secretary Evarist Chella accused Mr. Mwamba of bringing the name of the President into disrepute through his utterances when he resigned as Defence Minister this week on Monday.

Mr. Chella was speaking when two members of the Central committee Jean Kapata and Miles Sampa held a meeting with party officials in Kasama.

Mr. Chella said the PF in the province would not tolerate party members disregarding laid down procedures in airing their grievances.

GBM has maintained that no one will push him away from the PF, the party he heavily financed while in opposition.

And PF Member of the Central Committee in-charge of Commerce Miles Sampa called on the party members in Northern Province to remain united.

Mr. Sampa, who was in the company of Central Committee Party Chairperson for Community Development, Mother and Child Health Jean Kapata, said unity is key in strengthening the ruling party structures.

He has since urged the party officials to respect to the party’s top leadership at all times.
GBM, a pure Bemba himself, resigned from Mr. Sata’s government over differences in the recognition of Henry Kanyanta Sosala as the new chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people in Northern Province.

President Sata, a Bisa from the newly created and heavily favoured Muchinga Province, wants a fellow Bisa to be the new Chitimukulu against the will of the Bemba traditionalists called Bashilubemba who unanimously chose Henry Sosala as the new Chitimukulu.

Miles Sampa has a history of bitter differences with GBM when they insulted each other in the Post newspaper earlier this year over who was more rich and who was more educated.

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