Sata wants to fool Zambians again by denying ever appointing Chikwelete, as Chuumbwe is searched

In his usual ‘donchi kubeba’ style coupled with memory lapses due to poor health, chief PF confusion strategist President Michael Sata has denied ever appointing Robert Chikwelete as Lusaka District Patriotic Front Chairperson.

In a statement released by President Sata’s mouth piece George Chella in Lusaka today and circulated to media houses, Mr. Sata has challenged Mr. Chikwelete to produce the letter of appointment if ever he has any.

The Head of State has challenged Mr. Chikwelete to show proof of the letter of appointment.

“Let him also tell us which party organ elected him, when and where the election took place,” he said.

And even before he dissolved the Lusaka District party structures, Mr. Sata has instead directed that the province hold fresh elections to elect a new District Chairman.

But knowing Sata he may again campaign for the same Chikwelete.

But members of the public all know that Sata personally appointed Mr. Chikwelete at a public gathering in Chawama township when he launched the Pave Zambia 2000 project.

Mr. Chikwelete’s appointment was broadcast both on Muvi Television and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation television.

The story was also well covered by government media houses including the PF aligned Post Newspapers.

The Post Newspapers even carried an editorial where it condemned Sata for anointing confusion.

To help Mr. Chikwelete all he needs to do is walk into libraries of media houses and he will find the evidence of his appointment since Sata who is heavily sedated on cancer medication may have forgotten.

For now, this is huge set-back for the Geoffrey Mwamba team that has been sponsoring Mr. Chikwelete to have Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba removed as party secretary general.

The Watchdog has consistently reported with documentary evidence that Mr. Sata cannot remove Kabimba as they are not only corrupt business partners of many years ago including under the recent Ichalo Lunda and Midlands Energy Companies, there was also a written agreement between Sata and Kabimba for power transfer in 2016 that was witness by former dictator Kenneth Kaunda.

Meanwhile the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation has reported that Police this morning searched the house of Lusaka Province PF chairman Geogrey Chuumbwe along Bwinjimfumu road in Lusaka.

ZNBC reports that the police have since proceeded to go and search another dwelling place in Chongwe.

Chuumbwe is the one who suspended Chikwelete. For the police to search such a person, the President must be in the know.

How else then can someone doubt the statement by MMD President Nevers Mumba that Sata is the Chief of confusions?

Chuumbwe who witnessed the search was accompanied by Kennedy Kamba and Goodson Banda who are all supporting PF Secretary General for the position of Zambian presidency sponsored by the Post newspaper.

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