Sata warns foreign diplomats in Zambia

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has warned diplomats accredited to Zambia against interfering in the country’s internal issues.

Speaking at State House when he met outgoing Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia and Tanzania Robert Orl, Sata said Zambia takes great exception to any foreign diplomat entertaining opposition political parties.

Sata has since directed Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda to address issues of diplomats interfering in internal affairs. The President also said that he is grateful that Ambassador Orl and Canada have not interfered in Zambia’s internal affairs. He also added that Zambia is grateful for the aid that Canada has extended to Zambia. He said that Zambia understands the withdrawing of aid by Canada because other western countries are doing the same due to the harsh economic climates in the world.

And Znbc reports that Ambassador Orl said Zambia and Canada have enjoyed warm relations for a long time and will continu doing so.

Orl whose tenure of office has ended was bidding farewell to President Sata.

Sata’s remarks appear to come in the wake of opposition leaders meeting the EU delegation in Zambia.

[Source: The Independent Post]

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