Sata warns of revolution

Patriotic Front president Michael Sata says the bad response by government to current floods in Lusaka can lead to a revolution.

Sata said in an interview with the Post newspaper that the blood of the flood victims shall forever haunt the MMD and Vice-President George Kunda in particular because of the shockingly no response the tragedy received.

He said history was replete with examples of aloof and arrogant governments bigger than Zambia that had crumbled over calamities smaller than the ones in Mandevu and Ng’ombe compounds. Sata said President Banda and the MMD were linked to the poverty Zambians were currently experiencing.

“The people of India and China started revolutions partly because the government could not provide them with bathing soap, just bathing soap several years ago.

The French revolution was sparked by acute shortages of food stocks even closer to home here in Zimbabwe and even Africa’s economic giant, South Africa, food played a major role in bringing down aloof and insensitive government’s like Banda’s,” Sata said. “Food riots are not unfamiliar in Zambia.

Am sure you still have memories of 1990. You cannot address grass-root issues on a plane while wearing a K25 million pin-stripped suit paid for by the poor majority that live on less than K5,000 a day. It is an insult of the worst kind and the biggest political mistake any player worth his salt can ever make, it is gross miscalculation.

“George Kunda and Rupiah Banda do not walk the same road of poverty that Hakainde Hichilema, myself, Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda, Ken Ngondo, T.J Kaunda and Edith Nawakwi do and they have arrogantly shown this.”

Sata said Hichilema and Dr Guy Scott’s recent visit to the flood affected compounds was what real leaders who were in tune with society do.

“That is what I do when I go to the markets and the compounds. That is what the Pact will do and we have demonstrated it several times. We will walk with you in times of trouble and not fly over your heads at a high cost that would have saved dozens of lives and unblocked the storm drains and culverts,” Sata said.

“Kunda’s existence in the MMD is very good for the Pact though because he has extremely poor public relations and he is out of touch with reality. I would advise him to quit while he is still ahead but he won’t listen until it is too late.’ Banda and his defunct MMD need some advice and the advice is that they should have someone effective enough to keep them in the race long enough because Kunda is sinking them deeper in the cesspool where they belong too fast, it is like MMD is standing on quick sand.

“You can’t sink K350 billion into allowances of a dysfunctional NCC- which by the way has no exit strategy when Zambian teachers, policemen and peasant farmers can’t support their families.

You can’t fund useless but expensive Banda tourist escapades around the world when you cannot afford to buy pain killers for Zambians dying needlessly from curable diseases, all because their President is either watching soccer or attending some inconsequential meetings or sleeping on duty outside Zambia or on the aircraft.”

Sata said the PF-UPND Pact has several solutions to managing the critical and acute poverty levels.
“But our hands are tied until you give us the instruments of power to ensure positive change is a reality,” Sata said.

He said under the UPND-PF pact Zambians would be provided with a leadership that is sensitive to free education, medical care, agriculture subsidies and a nation that is in charge of its destiny.

He said that kind of leadership could only be achieved by people who walked with the people and felt their pain.

“As we mourn our compatriots in Mandevu, Kanyama and Ng’ombe, let us remind Kunda and his friends how governments in other parts of the world have been brought down by lesser evils such as salt, soap, floods and even bread or mealie meal.

We on the other hand are talking about lost lives,” Sata said. “How many more must die before we say enough is enough? When you wake up tomorrow or next week, ‘ask not whom the bell of failure tolls for… it tolls for Banda and the MMD, their time is up’. You need a leadership which is on the ground not in the air, you need the PF-UPND pact, Sata and HH because we walk the walk and talk the talk.”

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