Sata was actually evacuated, reveals Katema

Sata was actually evacuated, reveals Katema



Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Joseph Katema has revealed that contrary to lies that he and other government officials told the nation, late president Michael Sata was actually evacuated to London.

Katema made the revelation Tuesday evening on ZNBC during interview with Kenneth Maduma,

Katema was on the programme to endorse Edgar Lungu for the PF presidency.

Katema claimed that during ‘the decision to evacuate Sata to London’, the decision to make Lungu PF president couldn’t be done because Lungu had flown for an official assignment to Angola.

He claimed that during the evacuation process, Sata ordered that Edgar Lungu returns from Angola before he, Sata, could be evacuated.

He said that the President left instruments of power with Lungu for a reason.
“He ordered me to ensure that Lungu received instructions before he landed in Luanda and returned to Lusaka immediately”

He did not say in what condition Sata was when he was been evacuated for him to be able to make orders. But Katema is one of the ministers who vehemently ‘refuted’ reports that Sata was sick and had been hospitalised in London.

Katema and others insisted that Sata had just gone for a medical check-up. He even told-offe NAREP president Elias Chipimo that he was not a medical doctor and therefore should not advise Sata to rest.

If Katema was lying just three weeks, how can the country know that he is not lying now?

Katema is the first among the ministers who have been lined up to issues statements to endorse Lungu and avoid a convention where it is feared Lungu will lose.


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