Sata was my cell mate, insists Ngoma

FORMER freedom fighter, Jackson Ngoma has insisted that he shared a prison cell with Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata when he was incarcerated at Bwana Mkubwa and Mukobeko maximum prisons in the 1960s.

Mr Ngoma maintained that it was him who shared a prison cell with Mr Sata and not his older brother as purported by the PF president.

Mr Sata recently featured on the ‘Political Hour’ programme on Radio Breeze FM in Chipata and denied ever sharing a prison cell with Mr Ngoma.

However, Mr Sata admitted sharing a prison cell with Mr Ngoma’s older brother who he identified as Paterson Ngoma.

He said he was incarcerated for his involvement in the struggle for political liberation and not for a criminal offence.

But in an interview in Chipata yesterday, Mr Ngoma insisted that it was him who had shared a cell with Mr Sata at Bwana Mkubwa Prison in Ndola and Mukobeko in Kabwe in the early 1960s.

He displayed a certificate of his release from Bwana Mkubwa Prison and admitted that he had a brother by the name of Paterson Ngoma, who died some years back.
He, however, insisted that it was him who was once imprisoned together with Mr Sata.

Mr Ngoma, who once served as Mambwe District governor during the UNIP regime, has also threatened to file a court injunction against Mr Sata the moment the PF leader files his nomination to contest next year’s presidential polls.

He said Mr Sata’s past record could not allow him to contest the Republican presidency.

“I have enough evidence to prove that I shared a prison cell with Mr Sata and that he was incarcerated for a criminal offence and not as a freedom fighter as purported by him on Radio Breeze,” he said.

He dared Mr Sata to sue him if it was not true that they had shared the same prison cell.

Mr Ngoma also challenged the Zambia Prison Service to check their records and tell the nation the offence Mr Sata committed when he was fired from the Zambia police force.

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