Sata will definitely open Parley, other meetings he missed were not important- Scott

Sata will definitely open Parley, other meetings he missed were not important- Scott

Vice president Guy Scott has dispelled fears that President Michael Sata may not open Parliament in September this year.

There have been fears suggested in some media reports that in view of the fact that President Sata has not been attending important meetings among them being the recent SADC and US-Africa summits, it is possible that the Head of State may not be able to open Parliament next month.

But Dr. Scott has told Qfm news that he is optimistic that President Sata will open Parliament in September this year.

Dr. Scott has wondered why people could think that the President can fail to open Parliament for the third or forth time when he has already done it twice before.

And Dr. Scott has explained that it is his duty as republican Vice President to attend functions which are of less importance for President Sata to attend.

He says the recently held US-Africa summit which President Barack Obama hosted for African Heads of States was not a high profile which necessary required President Sata himself to attend.

The Vice President says he has attended similar functions before like the most recent SADC summit that was held in neighboring Zimbabwe besides other equally important functions such as the Liberation Day in North Korea and the 23rd Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka.

He says this is why thinks that the meetings like the US-Africa summit normally would not deserve the attention of the President because it is up to him to decide whether to attend or delegate his Vice President as it does not make a difference.

Sata has in the past met former presidents such as South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki, former president Georg Bush, and recently travelled all the way to Israel to ‘meet’ out-going Israel president Shimon Peres who has no executive powers.

Going by Scott’s arguments, it is beneficial for the sitting Zambian Head of State Michael Sata to be meeting ex-leaders while shunning meetings with current presidents such as US president Barrack Obama and fellow SADC leaders.

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