Sata will go in exile if MMD rigs 2011 polls

The Patriotic Front says that Zambians will not allow Former President Dr Fredrick Chiluba, Government and the Electoral Commission to engineer the 2011 elections in favor of MMD.

Party Spokesperson Given Lubinda who has repeatedly accused Dr Chiluba of been at the centre of rigging some of the past elections says that the Zambians will this time around ensure that the MMD Government through the Electoral Commission of Zambia does not manipulate their votes.

And Mr. Lubinda says that the PF supporters have since advised their Leader Mr. Sata to go on a self imposed exile so that his supporters are left to directly deal with the Electoral Commission of Zambia if they attempt to attempt to engineer the 2011 elections.

He said the people have told the party Leadership that their votes will no longer be secret because the secrecy element is been manipulated by the Commission.

He added that the people will ensure that they vote
transparently so that people can estimate the number of votes that the party President has in particular areas before the official counting is done by the Commission.

He has since warned Government and Dr Chiluba not to attempt to rig the elections as they have done in the past to avoid anarchy in the country after the 2011 elections.

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