Sata will Kiss dust again, mocks RB

Sata will Kiss dust again, mocks RB

President Rupiah Banda has called on Zambians to reject the Patriotic Front and its leader Michael Sata in next Tuesday tripartite elections because the party has no agenda for the country.

Mr Banda says there are indications now that Mr Sata who has been rejected three times will lose a fourth time, and go into political extinction.

Mr Banda says this because the people of Zambia are now appreciating the developments he has scored within three years while the PF leader has failed to tell people what he will do for them and has resorted to preaching the “Don’t Kubeba” slogan.

But president Banda says the PF slogan of “Don’t Kubeba” is a clear indication that the party and its leadership have no message of development for the country.

Mr Banda says Zambians can appreciate the PF’s failure by looking at the state of their controlled councils.

He says the PF controlled Council have failed the people in Kitwe and should not be given a vote again.

President Banda says the PF Councillors are happy to sit back and see typhoid and cholera devastating people on the Copperbelt while they claim to be leaders.

Mr Banda says this is not right because the Copperbelt is the backbone of the country’s economy and should have clean and hygienic towns.

Mr Banda says the copper and cobalt are all from the province and therefore do not deserve to be in their current deplorable state.

President Banda says he wants to see cities like Kitwe, Ndola, Chingola and Luanshya have facilities like hotels and others as the case is for Lusaka because all the major resources are from the Copperbelt.

President Banda says he would like to see towns that are clean and well maintained because the people of the Copperbelt deserve better.

He says he wants to see more investment and jobs on the Copperbelt.

And President Banda has pledged to conduct an audit in the PF controlled Councils on the Copperbelt to discover why the money is being wasted by the councilors.

He says his Government will loot out all the waste caused by the PF councils.

He says life is about to change on the Copperbelt and has urged the residents to vote for him, the MMD Councillors and aspiring Members of Parliament next Tuesday.

And President Banda has advised people on the Copperbelt to analyse the candidates aspiring to the high office before voting.

Mr Banda says each of the candidates must tell and show people what they have done and will do if elected into office.

Mr Banda says on his part, in the last three years he has been in office has performed tremendously well.

He has assured Zambians that he will do more when given another five year term.

President Banda has therefore asked Copperbelt residents to ask the PF what they will do if elected instead of just saying “Don’t Kubeba.”

Mr Banda says it is shameful that the PF is threatening violence and want to spill blood of people.

President Banda has also advised Copperbelt residents to ask Get Involved Executive Director Fr Frank Bwalya whose blood he wants to spill by strangling a chicken.

“They are threatening violence and are sharpening pangas in front of television cameras. Ask them whose blood they want to spill. Ask the former priest [Fr Frank Bwalya] whose blood he wants to spill by strangling a chicken”, President Banda said.

He has advised Zambians to remain in the MMD a party he says is for all Zambians and means well.

And president Banda has advised Zambians to turn out in numbers to send Mr Sata into political retirement next Tuesday.

Mr Banda says Mr Sata has been rejected three times and is headed to kissing the dust the fourth time.

“He was beaten in 2001, he was beaten in 2006, he was beaten in 2008 even by me a new comer, and he will be beaten again on Tuesday next week.” President Banda said.

Mr Banda says Mr Sata is aware that he is losing again and will claim that elections will be rigged to save his face.

Mr Banda has challenged Mr Sata to explain why he keeps contesting for presidency if he knows elections are rigged.

Mr Banda says Mr Sata had been calling for elections and even said they would be held on 1st April the fools’ days.

But when President Banda announced 20th September as the elections date, Mr Sata complained about the date.

Mr Banda says this is a clear indication that the PF leader knows he will lose the polls again.

President Banda says Mr Sata will be sent into retirement and the MMD will continue ruling the country and delivering development to the people.

And President Banda says the MMD is the only party that has managed to field candidates in all the 150 constituencies.

He has wondered how the opposition would manage the country if they failed to field candidates in all constituencies.

President Banda was speaking at a public campaign rally at Chifubu grounds in Ndola on Friday.

At the same rally president Banda introduced MMD Councillors and aspiring Members of parliament from the Copperbelt Province.


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