Sata will not travel to Zimbabwe

The ruling Patriotic Front of Zambia will send a high powered delegation to the Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF National People’s Conference set for Bulawayo next month.

However, the delegation will be the party secretary and two other senior members and not Machael Sata, reported Bulawayo 24.

Zanu-PF had invited  president Michael Sata to grace the occasion.

“The party would be represented at the highest level by the secretary general Mr Wynter Kalimba who would be accompanied by two senior members of the central committee,” Sata’ spokesperson  George Chella told Bulawayo 24.

Sata is yet to travel outside Zambia from the time he was elected president.

He has so far skipped three international engagements.

The first one was the COMESA summit in Malawi which he avoided on the pretext that he was barred frm entering Malawi.

The second international meeting was the Commonwealth summit in Australia. He sent vice president Guy Scott but did not explain why he could not travel.

Last week, he missed the Southern Africa Development Community Summit in Angola.
President Sata has suddenly become very sensitive to media asking about his movements or whereabouts.

The other week when the Watchdog reported that he was not seen in public for some days, he ordered his attorney general Mumba Malila to undertake an invetory of online publications.

On Friday he repeated his desire to cripple on-line media by ordering the new permanent secretary in the ministry of Justice to regulate on-line journalism.

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