Sata won’t manage to go to Mangango as PF loses hope

Sata won’t manage to go to Mangango as PF loses hope

With 10 days remaining before the parliamentary by-election in Mangango, Western province, it has been confirmed that president Michael Sata will not manage to go and campaign.

Instead, just after arriving from USA Guy Scott will go to Mangango – again, to make excuses for Sata. The people of Mangango were expectant to listen to Sata update them directly on the promises he made in 2011 to develop the province within 90 days.

Sata has in the past two months missed all important engagements including the African Union summit but no official explanation has been given for his failure to work. The government insists that the president is fit and working normally. But no member of the public has heard Sata speak or seen him walk for close to 50 days now.

Just yesterday (Friday), Sata failed to chair a PF central committee meeting at state house leaving party chairperson Inonge Wina to preside over an ill-fated indaba.

Senior PF officials have told the Watchdog that there is no programme for Sata to go to Mangango. The PF officials revealed that they are preparing for the return of Scott to the area though they complained that people do not take Scott seriously.

‘You know villages just come to see how this Muzungu looks like or speaks then they are giggling all over without really listening to his message’, said a very senior PF official.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog understands that the most PF senior officials who have gone to Mangango to test the ground have given up.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabriel Namulambe for example was in Mangango last week to assess for himself PF chances of scoping the seat. He returned home and told his friends that ‘there is nothing there for us. The place is UPND all over’.

When Sata was in opposition, he specialised in mocking people who were not in good health. He mockingly referred to late former vice-president George Kunda as red lips, late president Levy Mwanawasa as cabbage; late Anderson Mazoka as falling trousers and late General Christon Tembo as sick lion.

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