Sata won’t manage to launch so-called Lusaka 400 kilometres roads

Sata won’t manage to launch so-called Lusaka 400 kilometres roads


President Sata

President Sata

Due to suspected poor and failing health, president Michael Sata will miss another event this Friday.

Government has already announced that Sata won’t manage to go to Malawi to attend an important SADC meeting, which other presidents in the region will attend. The SADC meeting of presidents will take place this weekend but Zambia will be represented by Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba.

It was expected that Sata would be in the country undertaking some local ‘jobs’ since he wont travel to Malawi.

But it has emerged that he won’t manage to launch the so-called Lusaka 400 kilomtres road (L-400.

On Tuesday, Sata’ spokesperson George Chellah issued a statement that Government has come up with Lusaka 400 kilometres [L400] which involves rehabilitation and construction or upgrading of selected Lusaka urban roads.

According to Sata speaking through Chellah, “The L400 project includes improvement of various roads in various residential, light industrial and industrial areas of Lusaka City such as Kabanana, Chalala, Kamwala South, Chilenje South, Avondale, Kabwata Site and Service, Chazanga, Kamanga, Chinika Area, Bauleni, Northmead, Matero, Chawama, Lilanda, Chilulu, Ngombe, Kaunda Square, Kalingalinga and Mtendere among others.”

Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Yamfwa Mukanga will launch it on Friday August 16, 2013.

Sata who loves launching and re-launching the same projects like this one bearing different names but with no visible work seen won’t be able to attend.

Where will he be?

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