Satan has more followers than God, M’membe told

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Mmembe and ‘No brains Issue’

Last week I was disgusted by the erroneous deductions and conclusions made by the Bwinjinfumu  saint, Mr. Mmembe over their fabricated allegation against Hakainde Hichilema that he called the President, Mr. M.C. Chilufya Sata “ to have no Brains”. A day or so after fabricating this story his editorial carried the same theme where Mmembe is saying that due to Electoral  victories of Mr Sata Over Hakainde  since the two began contesting the same elections in Zambia, Sata is said to have more Brains than Hakainde. Wait a minute! Victory in terms of numbers entails More brains?

Ok if true let us take this argument to another level. Since Mr. Mmembe claims to be  a Christian let me meet him on his own ground. In the great controversy between God and Satan especially on this Earth, Satan has always had more numbers on his side than God in almost all instances in the Bible. See below:

In the garden of Eden (Genesis 3) out of the population of two: God =0, Satan = 2

In Genesis 7(the Flood) : God = 8 people only, Satan= Millions (the whole world)

In Lot’s day (Sodom and Gomorrah) Genesis 19: God = 3, Satan = Millions (the whole world)

Now following Mr. Mmembe’s argument that victory = more Brains = Genius  and that Loss of a contest = No brains = dullness. Then are we saying Satan has more Brains than the Almighty God! Because he has been winning in terms of numbers? No! The only reason for the so called  ‘victory’ for the Devil is because satan has been using what God cannot use, that is Lies, Deceptions, etc. Moreover Truth does not depend on  the Majority. Please next time Mr Mmembe use the right analogy to defend your Master.

In conclusion let us be careful next time when equating certain qualities with numbers or we may get it all wrong.

Concerned Zambian Citizen.

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