‘Satanic’ happenings in Zambia, caution to drivers

‘Satanic’ happenings in Zambia, caution to drivers



Dear editor

The affected bus

Some strange phenomena is happening on our roads. Last week my driver who was driving the bus below was involved in an accident on Mumbwa road.

According to the driver and other passengers who were on board, a man suddenly appeared in the middle of the road near St. Anns funeral parlor and my driver hit him on the right side, and shortly afterwards the bus ran over the man.

Everyone on board the bus screamed and the driver applied emergency brakes. As it was late in the night, he decided to make a U-turn and surprisingly, when he reached the accident scene, there was no sign of the man.

So everyone on board decided to disembark and started looking everywhere for the man but to no avail,, not even a single drop of blood was seen.

Finally after searching for close to an hour, the passengers and my driver decided to jump back on board still puzzled as to what could have happened to the “pedestrian”.

Then as the bus made another U-turn heading back to town,, they saw the same man running towards the bus with his fists in the air and without a shirt. That’s when everyone got really scared and screamed at the driver to speed off.

I was called a few minutes later and when I met the driver and passengers at Lusaka Central police, people were too terrified to talk anything sensible, that’s when we went back to the accident scene with the police and after searching for over an hour with the police we still couldn’t find anything.

Then one of the police officers got a call from a friend advising that we leave the place immediately, as what the bus had hit was not a human being, because there was another report a week earlier of another bus which overturned after the driver noticed the same man who fitted the same description my driver gave the police.

Back at the police, senior officers started telling my driver how luck he was to have been alive as satanists have now invaded our roads and causing accidents in this fashion. He was told that if he had attempted to swerve, he wouldn’t have been alive to narrate his story.

So my hope is that this incident will be a wakeup call to somebody that be very careful especially when you are driving at night. Be prayerful all the time as that is clearly the work of the devil and his demons.

Today my driver is alive to tell his story but there are many who never had a chance to tell us what happened. To us there are just statistics or even labeling them as having been drunk and over-speeding.

By Edmond Lifwekelo

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