Satanic PF refuses to commit itself to blood-free by-elections

The PF regime which many people now believe is involved in cultism and blood sacrifices has refused to sign a commitment to denounce violence in the Mpongwe and Livingstone parliamentary by-elections.

The other political parties taking part, MMD and UPND, have appended their signatures to a document pledging violent free elections. Junior PF officials in Livinstone had signed the commitment without consulting their superiors but were forced to withdraw on Tuesday.

President Michael Sata’s political agent in Southern province  Brian Hapunda was forced to go on MUVI TV to announce  PF’s withdrawa l from a document they apparently signed yesterday committing PF and other parties to conducting violence-free campaigns in Livingstone.

He stammered that PF, as victims rather than culprits in previous political violence does not need to commit itself to non-violence. Like a mental patient, Haunda said the signing by other parties is cowardice.

He said UPND was behind violent attacks on PF in Rufunsa and Livingstone.

Many people in Zambia are now questioning the strange deaths that have been occurring from the time the PF took over power in 2011.

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