Satanism, the story of constable Pende

Satanism, the story of constable Pende


WHAT started out as fling with a “beautiful slim young lady” he found along Kamloops road in Lusaka’s Kalinganga Compound has become a journey that has led a Lilayi based police officer into years of severe mental, spiritual and physical torture at the hands of Satanists.

The story of Constable John Pende unfolds like a Nigerian movie. But it’s a true story.

It started some time in 2009 when he in the company of a workmate was driving along Kamloops road in the evening.

“We then met two women and my colleague convinced me that we stop and pick them up,” narrates Mr Pende in a walk in interview with The Church Newspaper.

So, they picked up the girls and Mr Pende who is married with children straight away fell in love with “the slim one” although he didn’t tell her just then and there. The two exchanged their phone numbers but did not communicate immediately.

Two weeks down the line, Mr Pende phoned the slim lady whose name we’ve withheld and proposed love to her at once. But unlike other ‘well-taught’ ladies, she responded with a resounding yes long before he could even finish his sentence. Madly in love with her, Mr Pende didn’t smell a rat.

So in February of 2010, he invited her over to Chirudu where he was posted for police duties. And so, she came. It was there when he noticed something unusual about his new found love.

“The first time I kissed her, I noticed something unusual about her. The moment I planted a kiss on her, I saw a very bright star shine both in her eyes. But I didn’t pay attention to that because I was in love with her,” admits Mr Pende who has been working as a police officer for the past 23 years.

But Mr Pende would later realise that the star marked the beginning of his ‘marriage’ with a princess of the underworld. Further, what Mr Pende didn’t know was that the thrilling moment also marked the beginning of his torture by Satanists.

In August of 2010, he went back home.

A few days later, his wife found a charm under their door step. But they didn’t suspect anything serious. According to Mr Pende, they dismissed it as the usual ‘police camp witchcraft.’ So, as prescribed by the accepted traditional norms, he had the charm soaked in human urine. It was then placed in a tin in preparation for the burning process. But before that could be done, the charm disappeared.

At almost the same time, Mr Pende was among the police officers who were dispatched by the police service to guard the residence of former PF Secretary General Mr Edward Mumbi following threats on his life by PF cadres.

As he lay down in his tent at Mr Mumbi’s residence, he received a text message which he however could neither read nor understand because it was authored in a strange language. This SMS was later followed by an English version of it.

“You think you are clever? You want to burn us but you are married to our colleague,” read the message in an apparent reference to the charm his wife discovered at home but disappeared mysteriously before it could be set on fire.

“When I tried to call back this number, it was answered but the owner could not speak. The same happened even when I tried to call using other numbers,” Mr Pende recalls.

He later received another text message which warned him against fooling Satanists by calling them using his friends’ phone numbers.

While he was still pondering on the actual meaning of the text messages, Mr Pende received another one from the same number. According to Mr Pende, the text message said that he was a dead body under the sea and that the underworld was about to take with them his entire family. It also warned that it would either lock or do something about Mr Pende’s mobile phone.

Before late, Mr Pende’s phone disappeared mysteriously shortly after making a call. He then dialled his phone number immediately.

“I was shocked to be told by the receiver that they were in Kitwe. I asked them how they could have my phone in Kitwe when I had it just some seconds ago. They told me that the phone was theirs and then the line was cut,” narrated Mr Pende.

Using Mr Pende’s number, these unknown people then started sending text messages to him. One of them which was shown to the Church Newspaper told off Mr Pende that since he married their princess, the police constable who is also a driver in the Police Service was now doubling as a driver for Satanists at night.

It was these messages that prompted the fuming Mr Pende to confront his girlfriend. As expected, she denied involvement in Satanism saying the SMSes were coming from some jealousy people who wanted to tear them apart. Blinded by love, he believed her.

Strange things kept happening and she kept attributing them to the ‘haters’ who she said wanted them to go asunder.

So, in August 2011, he asked for this woman’s hand in marriage and she gladly accepted. They had a mini-wedding in Kalinganga and it was that ceremony that cemented his connection to the underworld.

Almost immediately, the house of his first wife apparently ‘turned’ into  a studio for the once- upon- a- time popular Muvi TV show called ‘Strange But True.’

Apart from finding his private parts covered completely with beads and pieced with strange objects, his last born daughter who is aged only three was on several occasions found vomiting and excreting human semen- something medics at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) have since failed to explain.

There was more.

“On several occasions, our house in Lilayi would be invaded by frogs, snakes and cats. When we opened the door and called neighbours to see, these things disappeared.

“Then there was the issue of blood. There were times when we could wake up and find the walls of our house plastered with fresh human blood.

“And when I meet with my wife in bed, her private parts would suddenly swell severely and she experienced a lot of pain. Even in terms of monthly periods, my wife used to lose buckets of blood but all this never happened at the house of my new wife,” Mr Pende said.

Like terrorists in the Middle East who do not hesitate to claim credit for any of their bombings, the Satanists also claimed responsibility for all the strange happenings in Mr Pende’s house.

Take this SMS for instance which Mr Pende received: “John, wen I c u, which means ha (Devil) is seeing u more. Let me tell ask u this.Wat happened when u sleep with your wfe. She bcome swollen. Y again wen u go to sleep wit her, your last born will vomit sperm & (release) it (through) her private parts. Y again when you went to yo wife, she bleeded badly. Wen u came back, she showed you pads and said ‘here is your meat, eat it.’”

According to Mr Pende, the revelation in the SMS ‘from hell’ is a true account of what had been transpiring in his house. He also showed The Church Newspaper several other SMses from the suspected Satanists who in an effort to prove that they had turned his life into a huge Big Brother house would tell him exactly what he was doing and where.

“Why John ukonda kuchaya kamboyo. We can see you in a bus going to Kafue,” read one  SMS which was sent to him while he was heading to Kafue, seated on the front seat and putting his elbow on the lowered window.

Another one asked him why he had left out vegetables but only ate meat while having supper with his family. And again, this SMS was a true reflection of what had transpired that night.

It is such shocking SMSes which made Mr Pende warn this reporter during the interview.

“My brother, let me warn you. I hope you have prayed before this. I know they are watching me and they will send me SMSes to warn me not to share my story with journalists,” warned Mr Pende.

But mental torture is not the only evil Satanists have inflicted on Mr Pende. The Police constable narrates that in December 2011 something tragic happened-thanks to Satanists.

“One night, one of my young daughters, Thandi prepared supper for  us. We watched television a bit and she later went to sleep leaving us in the sitting room.

“Five minutes later, I heard screams from Thandi’s bedroom. We rushed there only to find my daughter vomiting blood and almost paralysed.

“We rushed her to the hospital and doctors there wondered why we had been keeping a serious patient like her at home. We insisted that she was fine and had suddenly got sick. Thandi was that same night admitted in the Intensive Care Unit at UTH,” narrated Mr Pende in a somber mood.

Three days later on December 23, he received a text message from the suspected Satanists.

It read in part: “Thank you for sacrificing your dota to us. But we need more blood.”

On December 28, Thandi was declared dead after being clinically dead for the past 5 days. It was as if she actually died when Mr Pende received the text message on December 23. On January 3, 2012, Thandi was put to rest at Chilanga’s Mapepe cemetery.

But her grave has since disappeared from Mapepe cemetery.

“After burying her, we later went there to visit and put some flowers on her grave but we couldn’t find her grave. We found the graves that were there before we buried her but hers is not there even today,” said Mr Pende.

According to Mr Pende, none of these happenings was enough to convince him that his second wife was to blame although his prayerful first wife mentioned it over and over again.

But it was a reformed Satanist at his local church who spilled the beans. It was that ex-Satanist who told him that his life had since become some kind of a ‘soap opera’ which Satanists take turns in watching using a mirror under the sea.

The man told him that his second wife was actually a princess of Satanists but was just disguised as a domestic worker at the residence of a named prominent parliamentarian. Mr Pende was also told that the woman was given a target of killing 5 men before she could get ‘stinking rich.’ She had already killed 4 and Mr Pende was the last man standing!

It was this revelation that reminded Mr Pende of his second wife’s persisted wishes to suddenly get rich.

“She kept telling me that she would soon have very big shops in town but I told that wasn’t possible because I was just a police officer and she was a mere maid. But she insisted that her dream would come true soon,” he recalled.

And Mr Pende was later told by the ex- Satanist that when he wed his second wife at some hall in Kalinganga, the event was actually taking place under the sea and was attended by 4300 Satanists. What looked like kids during the wedding in Kalinganga were in fact Satanists.

As he was still stomaching these revelations, Mr Pende received another text message from the Satanists.

“When you enterd our kindom, we gave you three yers. Since you were gud, we aded one year to make it 4 but bcoz u are stupid, two months remains to die ok,” read the text message dated May 5, 2012.

Mr Pende who had started going to church since the satanic attacks then intensified his faith in God and prayed without ceasing.  His church pastors and the ex-Satanist advised him to cut ties with his second wife and he obeyed much to her chagrin.

Noticing that she was slowly losing her grip on Mr Pende, the second wife sued him for reconciliation at Chelston Local Court. There, Mr Pende told the court his side of the story and the judges failed to have them reconciled.

Mr Pende would later realise that had he stayed any longer with her, he would have surely died within that same month.

But that wasn’t the end of his struggle with Satanists.

Noticing that Mr Pende had a weakness for women, the Satanists started using other girls to get him back to Satanism. All too often, he fell for almost each one of them that came his way. What he didn’t know however was that whenever he slept with these girls, it was actually his satanic second wife that he was sleeping with. Sometimes, it was snakes that he was sleeping with.

Satanists would confirm this immediately after he finished sleeping with any of the girls. In one of the text messages, the Satanists even boasted that they are ones who gifted him with the ‘sweet talk’ he charms ladies with. It was because of them that ladies accept to sleep with him, they claimed.

As of now, Mr Pende says he has since stopped chasing after skirts as he is a changed man.

“It’s my involvement with women that leads me into this,” admits Mr Pende adding “They (Satanists) know my weakness and they bring girls so that I can sleep with them but now I no longer like that. I have changed.

“I thank God for giving me a prayerful wife. Satanists say the only reason I am alive is because of her prayers. Had it not been for her, I could have been dead by now.”

Although he is now a born again Christian, Satanists have not completely let go of him.

The Satanists who apparently have a die-hard passion for SMS still text him.

Just last week shortly after the police service told him that he would be travelling outside Lusaka on duty, he received a text message from the Satanists asking him when “they” would be going on duty.

In reply, as he always does, he sent them some Bible verses and they responded by calling him “stupid” just as they always do when he quotes the Bible.

Mr Pende, although not legally divorced with his second wife, says he has tried to help her repent but she has refused and still maintains that she is not a Satanist. She still works as a maid at the house of a named politician.

Mr Pende is hoping that his testimony may awaken and change the lives of other people who may be trapped in a situation he was is in. He is of the view that no demonic force is strong enough for God to break.

[Source: The Church Newspaper]

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