Sata’s 20 breaches, goofs in 28 days

Sata’s 20 breaches, goofs in 28 days

Sata can really be entertaining at times


By Watchdog blogger

1. Appoints a bankrupt person – Panji Kaunda – to a Ministerial portfolio in clear breach of Zambian Law on the matter.

2. Appointed 10 MPs instead of 8. Obviously we have a President that either did not know the Constitutional position on the same or does not know the difference between 10 and 8.

3. Abolishes the office of Secretary to the Treasury also in clear violation of the Law.

4. Effectively admits that he was involved in supporting Savimbi by accusing the MMD Government of the time (of which he was a senior member) of doing the same.

5. Demands a public apology from another head of state in clear breach of diplomatic protocol.

6. Allows an opposition party in Malawi to open a radio station in Zambia in clear breach of SADC and AU principles on interference in another country’s internal affairs.

7. Demands payment of a US$ 260 million debt from bankrupt Zimbabwe. This is not a bad thing. But, does he really expect to receive this money from a country with no money.

8. Stops the sale of copper for two weeks while “systems” are put in place to monitor sales and suspends it two days into the programme claiming, probably dishonestly, that systems are already in place to monitor copper sales.

9. Asks the Chinese Ambassador to open a letter from a fellow Head of State and read it to him in public. Apart from being very bad manners – this is another very serious breach of diplomatic protocol.

10. Starts an inquiry into the sale of Finance Bank and then stops it two days later. Probably realised that a proper investigation would have correctly implicated “friends” of wrongdoing in the affairs of Finance Bank.

11. Still have no Governor of the Bank of Zambia – obviously oversight of the monetary affairs of the country is off little importance to our President.

12. Re-names three airports and two public buildings without a Cabinet Memorandum being sent to Parliament and allowing a Gazetting period to occur.

13. Contradicts himself when he says he is creating a 10th Province to streamline costs. I mean how does creating another province with all the short and long term bureaucratic costs amount to streamlining ? At the very least, I think he should have asked for a feasibility to be done to see what the cost implications are. But, maybe that is too difficult for him.

14. Announces the move of the capital of Southern Province from Livingstone to Choma again without any assessment of the cost and administrative implications or consultation with the people who live in the Province to see what effect it would have on their lives.

15. When meeting the Archbishop of Canterbury, effectively slights China by saying that the previous government made a mistake with it’s look East policy. Another SERIOUS breach of diplomatic protocol and common sense. I mean in this day and age, does it make sense to look to the bankrupt West instead of cash flush China…..

16. Starts an inquiry into the sale of Zamtel and then effectively ends it by declaring it “corrupt and fraudulent”. Commission of Inquiry has not been dissolved. But, I see little point in it continuing since Sata has already delivered a verdict on the matter.

17. Guy Scott effectively admits that his President is a dictator by saying he breaks laws first and asks Parliament for permission later…

18. Accuses RB of being involved in the fraudulent sale of gold by the DEC. Subsequent events have proven that everything was done above board and correctly.

19. Four most senior Cabinet posts – Foreign Affairs, Finance, Defense and Home Affairs – are all headed by Bemba speakers. Whilst it is the prerogative of the President who he appoints to Cabinet positions, in practice most Zambia Presidents have been very culturally sensitive in appointments to these Ministries as a means of ethnically balancing power in the country.

This obviously does not matter to Sata. Just the fact that to maintain power he needs to control force of arms and money.

As such, for him it makes all the sense in the world to have tribesmen in these positions.

20. My favourite one of the lot – creates a new amalgamated Ministry of Labour, Sports, Youth and Gender to ostensibly cut costs – which is a good thing.  Needing to carry favour with North Westerners separates Gender from this portfolio and promises to appoint Sarah Sayifwanda Minister.

When it comes to the actual appointment, he only makes her a Deputy Minister. Realising this blunder, Sayifwanda laudably refuses to take up the post. In a fit of rage, Sata then says the Ministry will be headed by a PS – in clear breach of the Law on the creation and operating on Government Ministries. There is the not so small matter of contradicting himself on cutting costs by creating another government ministry.

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